Who’s writing?

KenKen Miller

Grow Pastor / Minister to Men

Ken is the pastor of spiritual growth at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas and also serves as the minister to men. He has a passion for God’s Word and a desire to see all Christ-followers grow in their love of the Scriptures and their ability to apply its truths to their lives.

Ken began his career as a graphic designer and spent 29 years in the advertising industry before being called by God into full-time ministry with the church where he and his wife Julie have attended for more than 33 years. Ken is a writer, teacher, and curriculum developer, overseeing the church’s adult spiritual education initiatives.

This blog is the result of a five-year journey that began with a simple one-year reading plan designed to take the congregation at Christ Chapel through the New Testament together. Ken made a commitment to write a daily blog on each passage in order to provide a point of reference and a different perspective on each day’s reading. After completing the New Testament, the church took two years to read through the entire Old Testament. Ken once again committed to blog through every passage during that two year period. The following year The Quest, as this devotional journey is known at Christ Chapel, spent six months in the Psalms of David and then closed out the year with six months in the Proverbs. The first part of this year he worked his way through the Gospels as the church made its way through year five of their  journey together through the Word of God. Now, we’re reading the letters of Paul, which will take us to the end of the year. Come be a part of what we’re doing and check out the Quest Reading Guide link below to access an online copy of the daily reading schedule.

Quest Reading Guide: CLICK HERE

8 thoughts on “Who’s writing?

  1. Ken, I am really enjoying your comments. Just about the time I decide that Facebook is the bane of all men (I did learn today that uyou can hide the animals and vegetables)I read you Quest blog, and am thrilled to have you as a ‘friend. Thanks so much for your faithfulness. Quest has been wonderful. We love reading and discussing everyday, knowing that there is a group of other believers doing the same thing. Tom

    • Tom, I am deeply grateful as well, to have access to Ken’s commentary. His comments make the Old Testament come alive for me. We are not in a home church at this time, and so reading Ken’s Vessels is a daily thing I enjoy. I’m also pleased to find his comments about each Book of the New Testament, so that as I read through the New Testament, I read his comments that go with each chapter. So enlightening! I am thankful for Ken’s devotion to the Lord and for his sharing on Facebook-AND like you, I hide the veggies, animals,fences,etc!

    • Hi, Tom~~~ I am so grateful to Ken for sharing his Vessels of Clay on Facebook. I read it daily and he brings the Old Testament alive for me. I am also pleased to find his comments on each chapter of the New Testament, so that as I read through the New Testament I can back it up with his comments on each chapter. So enlightening! Ken’s work for the Lord is a blessing! And, like you, I hide the animals and the veggies! Jeri

  2. Ken,

    This is my first time to read your commentary. I like the reminder of our heritage. I just attended the the Sagamore 100 Year Anniversary & it was like the history of my family, both physically & spiritually. I/we are very blessed.

  3. While I was reviewing my posts from the past year, I noticed on the end of some were links to others whom has posted on similar issues and topics. Your Joshua 22-23 was linked, good words pastor.

    May the Blessings of the LORD be enriched in your family and ministry this coming year!

    God Bless!

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